When Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God, his communication was always simple and easy to understand.  Each week Pastors also strive to teach the Word of God in the same way.  Here are the uplifting topics from the last year:


30 Reasons You Can Expect To Be Healed Praise
Corresponding Actions of Faith and the tongue Praise and Worship
Don’t Get Lost In The House Red Cross  Is Healing 
Epistle of Joy  Road Rage – Blind spots
Extraordinary anointing  Road Rage – G.P.S. (God’s Positioning Spirit)
Faith and Corresponding Actions  Road Rage – Navigating Through The Gutter 
Faith is Motion Activated  Road Rage – Potholes On The Road To Destiny 
Family Matters Road Rage – Road Blocks
Four Foundational Laws of Marriage  Road Rage - Overcoming on the Highway of Life 
Hagar’s Baby Ruth
Heaven The Birth of Christ 
Jesus’ Arrest, Scourging and Crucifixion The Sound Of Creation 
Man’s Crown of Glory Tithing Questions
Myth Busters:  God Myths Busted Understanding and Meeting Spouses Needs 
Myth Busters:  Healing & Finance Myths Busted Understanding and Meeting The Needs of Men
Myth Busters:  Heaven & Hell We’re Saving a Spot for You
Passing God’s Tests What To Do On The Worst Day Of You Life!
Play Like a Champion Today! Winning The War of Words 
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